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Life After

A Memoir of Inspiration Post Survival

Tamecka Grate-Frazier finds herself in one of the most astounding medical miracles ever documented. After returning home from a New Year’s Eve gathering, she was brutally attacked by her neighbor, who repeatedly stabbed her, intending to leave her for dead. By the power and grace of God, Tamecka survived the attack. Since that vicious night, she’s been gracefully living her best life, which hasn’t always been an easy thing to do.

Life After is a true narrative of survival, triumph, and perseverance. Eloquently written, this compelling testimony walks you through the journey of a woman rebuilding her strength, confidence, and faith after surviving one of the most traumatic attacks in history. Filled with ups and downs, the healing journey hasn’t always been seamless, but it’s always been purposeful.

As traumatic of an experience that it was, Tamecka not only survived the attack but has built a life that she's grown to love. Tamecka shares the strategies she's implemented to help her overcome her past. She understands that she was “chosen” by faith to become an advocate to show others how it can be done.  Her goal is to let trauma victims know that you too can overcome anything. 

This book was written to provide hope and inspiration to those who are fighting to move forward from their traumatic experience. After reading Life After, you will have the desire to:

  • Release your stronghold and embrace your blessings

  • Find your courage and inspire others to do the same

  • Acknowledge your past and welcome your future

  • Build and nurture your relationship with God


Rather than allow this experience to hinder her, Tamecka decided to use this experience as the path that led to her purpose, which is to show others what Life After looks like.   



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